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Wearable industry developments and trends at home and abroad

Article source: guangdong science and technology Author: June Release date: August 19, 2015 Views: 8088

   Wearable Devices, refers to the integrated use of all kinds of recognition, sensing, connection and interaction and storage technologies such as cloud services, in lieu of a handheld device or other equipment, realize the interactive user interaction, live entertainment, the body monitoring function of the new daily wear mobile intelligent terminal.Wearable technology, it is to point to be integrated into wearable devices, in order to realize the functions of science and technology, is the key of the wearable device application.It mainly includes the embedded technology, identification technology (voice, gestures, eye, etc.), sensor technology, connection technology, flexible display technology, etc.

  In recent years, with the acceleration of smartphones, convenience requirements, wearable device performance advantages such as simple and easy, the cloud interconnected more and, at the same time, the embedded technology, identification technology, sensor technology and other wearable rising and development of core technology, can the development of the apparel industry ushered in the spring.By studying the wearable industry development trends and characteristics of both at home and abroad, compared the present development of wearable industry in our province and puts forward Suggestions on the future wearable industry development in our province.

  1 foreign wearable industry development present situation

  Wrist strap from the track of movement fitness, to the Google Glass, to the Oculus Rift, wearable technology began to permeate into all walks of life, subtly changing people's working environment, way of life, the world has entered the rapid growth of wearable equipment development.The following will mainly introduce the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries of the wearable industry development.

  1.1 The United States --, wearable device ideas and prototype country of origin

  The United States is the world's first put forward the idea of wearable devices and prototype of countries, in the early 1960 s, the U.S. media lab at the Massachusetts institute of technology is put forward using innovative technology such as multimedia, sensors and wireless communication technology embedded in people's clothing, can support gestures and eye operation interaction a variety of ways.Until recent years, Google Glass, Apple, Watch and other high-profile wearable products came from large well-known enterprises in the United States.One of the world's top accounting firms pricewaterhousecoopers, recently released two report of wearable equipment present situation and future development.Reports suggest that americans are very optimistic about the future of the wearable technology, but the existing technology is the lack of enthusiasm.

  America in the process of wearable technology development and research, the main bottleneck which were as follows: one is expensive.Support the wearable equipment technology of embedded technology, sensor technology, etc., complex cause wearable technology products cost price is higher.Such as Apple Watch single minimum cost up to 4188 yuan.Second, the battery life is short.Wearable devices as a mobile terminal, the range of the battery is the key, at present mainly adopts low power design and configuration of high performance battery power supply method, but the existing electricity technology failed to meet the demands of the development of wearable technology on the market most wearable device's battery life is only about 2 days.Three is the mix of wireless technology bluetooth, WiFi, and other problems.Never have communication function, the evolution of wearable devices to the device has a simple connection between, to the equipment and Internet to realize interconnection, the current products are increasingly using wireless technology, however, there are many different kinds of wireless communication technology, how to make a variety of wireless technology combine to become one of the important problems of wearable technology development.The existing problems in the development of the wearable technology indirectly reflects the wearable technology development of the world's common problems.

  1.2 South Korea - dedicated to wearable technology research and development innovation

  South Korea's wearable samsung was the main representative of industry development.Samsung, the world's biggest smartphone maker, is one of the biggest driver of wearable market so far.In September 2013, the company officially launched its first Galaxy smart watch Gear, and then to update, introduced the Galaxy Gear 2 / Fit/Neo.The company independent research and development of wearable products include surface screen smart watch Gear S, is the first don't have to connect the smartphone will have Internet access smart watches, it built into the support function of cellular data access module.Released in samsung industry development plan in 2015, mainly in the field of wearable, virtual reality, smart home and online education.At present, samsung has nearly all development and design personnel in preparation for the upcoming type wearable devices, enough to prove that samsung plans to broaden the wearable type equipment market determination.Samsung indicated that they in the chip, storage, screen technology aspects such as vertical integration ability, will bring more advantages for it.

  In south Korea large leading enterprises actively involved in the wearable equipment research and development and technical research at the same time, the recent south Korea Advanced science and Technology research Institute (Chesapeake Advanced Institute of Scienceand Technology) of a team is also working on a new type of fabric, the fabric can be allowed to directly woven into a lithium-ion battery, portable and wearable devices people for devices at any time.And, the institute has successfully developed a kind of human body heat can be converted into electrical energy new technology, by embedding the glass fiber cloth thermoelectric materials to manufacturing equipment, the study can well solve the problem of short wearable device battery life.South Korea in the wearable technology research and innovation of industry research, make it become the wearable technology research and development innovation in emerging countries.

  1.3 Japan - start-up active, focusing on mobile medical field

  Japan's electronic technology development industry giants such as SONY, Toshiba, Fujitsu, as the typical representative, in wearable technology development, however, the Japanese startups than industry giant.Logbar Japanese company founded in 2013, is a prominent representative of wearable technology company, one of the company by launching a called "Ring" is famous for its smart Ring.Intelligent will Ring a Ring on his finger, optional move finger can remote control of smart phones, TV and other intelligent terminal equipment.Founded in 2013, same Moff company launched a using their voices will all become interactive toy items around smart wristband.Children after a smart wristband on hand, can via bluetooth devices connect the bracelet to Moff IOS application, implementation and intelligent device terminal connections, surrounding objects into interactive toys.

  In terms of research and development, Japan's research and development of wearable technology mostly in mobile medical field.Remote consultation, the establishment of the new carrier such as big data platform of medical treatment of need wearable equipment as the foundation support.Among them, Docomo Healthcare company launched smart wristband Moveband equipped with accelerometer, waterproof level of IPX5 / level 7, steps to support measurement, mobile distance, calories consumed and sleep time, and other functions.Also provide "WM application" and "body clock WM" such as mobile phone APP, help users to monitor the personal health.Panasonic, panasonic computer company launched a reliable and durable mobile medical assistant Toughbook H1.Teijin company with the Japanese kansai university jointly developed and arms can detect finger movement of the fabric.According to IDTechEx, about 21% of the medical field in the world wearable technology developers and manufacturers in Asia, Japan in the development prospects of this field.

  2 The characteristics of wearable industry development in our country

  Li keqiang, the prime minister in 2015, the government work report points out that to implement the "made in China 2025", insist on innovation drive, intelligent transformation, strengthening the foundation, the green development, to speed up from manufacturer to manufacture power.From the national level to the various provinces and cities in our country, have mounted on wearable industry in the development of relevant supporting policies, national emphasis on intelligent manufacturing industry development, will further promote the development of wearable industry.Released recently, the ai media consulting wearable device the size of the market in China and shipments, according to the forecastChina's wearable device market or close to $10 billion in 2015, shipments will reach 3260 units.As shown in figure 1, figure 2.


Wearable industry developments and trends at home and abroad


  Figure 1 wearable device the size of the market in China and forecasts


Wearable industry developments and trends at home and abroad


  Figure 2 shipments and predict China wearable equipment market

  Wearable industry development in China in recent years mainly presented the following features:

  (1)Mobile health fields become the fulcrum of wearable market in China.

  From the perspective of the function of wearable devices, at present, the domestic wearable devices have monitoring, health care, entertainment, office, learning, positioning, and other functions.As people stress for their own health problems continue to increase, the demands of consumers in health health care, sports fitness products market share is bigger.As shown in figure 3.At present, wearable device has achieved rapid development in the field of health care, wearable mobile medical equipment market scale is constantly expanding.In numerous mobile medical products, the most popular is for hospitals and patients to provide medical services and monitoring of wearable health products.Domestic wearable equipment financing venture company was established in 2013, mostly products focused on the watches, bracelets and applications focused on tracking health, health, sports, etc.Nearly half of wearable device startup the development direction for health.


Wearable industry developments and trends at home and abroad


  Figure 3 Chinese wearable equipment distribution function

  Agree with start-up companies, large-scale backbone enterprises of our country is wearable devices into mobile health field.Tencent is establishing the medical platform, through the wearable equipment to monitor the patient's therapeutic effect.Neusoft's city kang wrist watch has a step, speed, record the consumption quantity of heat, and other functions, and city kang net binding at the same time, with the wrist watch to receive exercise program.In addition, baidu cooperation with TCL intelligent hand ring, zte GrandWatch, huawei's Talk Band bracelet wearable devices also have to help users such as health real-time monitoring and warning function.Manufacturers into wearable health care market, send mobile medical industry outbreaks of signal.

        (2)Leading enterprises and start-up enterprises scrambling to develop.

  China's electronic information industry is the most developed area in the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, and bohai bay rim area mainly in sichuan, shaanxi, the western region, is consistent with this, many wearable equipment production enterprises are also distributed in it.For the development of the most prominent areas of Beijing and shenzhen, Beijing offer the scientific and technological personnel, media platform, power consumption, and many other advantages.At present, represented by well-known enterprises such as millet, 360 is actively market layout, with the figure of science and technology, such as soil science start-ups find a niche, in the "new" winner, Beijing development boom wearable devices packed.

  Shenzhen is one of the biggest enterprises domestic wearable devices, local involving thousands of "wearable" enterprises, including small micro enterprises accounted for about 80% of the total.Because shenzhen is China's largest production base of wearable equipment research and development, has the original from sensors, flexible, terminal equipment to the entire chain of interactive solutions, based on this advantage, shenzhen has formed by the guest team, consisting of small micro enterprises, listed companies wearable echelon power equipment development.At present, huawei, zte, yulong cool and leading enterprise in the domestic first launched smart watches, health accessories wearable devices, such as industrial agglomeration development situation is good, shenzhen is expected to become the site of the wearable equipment industry, our country, and even the whole world.

  (3)Industrial chain form a complete set of not perfect, the development of technology is the bottleneck.

  Wearable industry in China as an emerging field, the development trend of the overall good, but is still in the concept, the market reacted coolly hot stage, production chain, failed to form a closed loop.From the current market situation, the upstream component makers responded positively, including chip design, small size panel, radio frequency technology, sensors, such as manufacturers, have introduced specifically for wearable equipment solutions.And downstream brand developers entrepreneurial mostly small businesses, the attachment of the vendor degree is higher, its lack of research and development and technical support.So the demand of downstream developers and manufacturers provide the solution is hard to match, lead to the industrial chain rupture, which affects the further development of technology.In addition, the lack of domestic large-scale leading enterprises leading the integration of industrial chain, and the emerging business enterprises lack the corresponding financial and technical strength and brand strength to build ecosystem alone.

  In addition, in the development of wearable technology, our country is still the key problems to be solved are the following: one is on the premise of wearable device is small in size, the problem of how to break through the battery life is short;Second, the electronic equipment in use process such as electromagnetic radiation to human body health and safety issues;3 it is wearable device processor solution needs to be perfect;Four is wearable device sensors in the past mostly used in mobile phones, to be specific wearable equipment separate sensor design, get rid of the predicament of "smart phone accessories";Five is the display of the innovation, the breakthrough and cost problem;Six is designed for wearable devices independent of the operating system.

  (4)Wearable domestic industry standard can fall to the ground.

  With the rapid development of wearable equipment market at home and abroad, the status quo of its standardization system is not sound more prominence.For enterprises, the lack of standards makes wearable equipment to expand to health care, pension, tracking of children, and other areas of the social hot spots, directly restrict the fast development of the market.Because wearable equipment users need long time wear, wearable equipment safety and quality inevitably become the important factors that affect its popularity.For users, wearable device itself, battery, the security of the power adapter, wireless connections, electromagnetic compatibility, the use of harmful substances need to all aspects of the certification assessment, in order to maximize reduce may cause harm to the user.At the same time, the accuracy of basic data, software defects and other problems are worth considering, especially of implantable products, more directly affect human body health, need to be done by industry standard specification.

  Internationally, Germany TUV rheinland first last year the world's first intelligent wearable equipment certification standards, from safety, intelligent and wearable sexual assessment of three aspects: the quality of products, hope to be able to guide consumers to choose safe and high quality products, and advance the sustainable development of wearable devices.At home, in view of the industry standardization system is not sound in wearable product quality is uneven, the market of good and evil people mixed up, after a long brewing, China wearable union finally held in March 2015 the working conference of China wearable union standard wearable officially released the first domestic intelligence industry standard system.

  3 Suggestions to our province

        Through the analysis of the development of wearable industry typical foreign countries, combined with the practical present development of domestic and wearable industry in the province, for future wearable industry development in our province put forward the following Suggestions:

  (1)Focus on developing mobile medical health field.

  With the development of the sensing, interconnection, big data technology and deepening concerns about their health, mobile wearable medical devices are quickly popular, based on all kinds of household products, personal health data management and medical service become an inevitable trend in the future.Therefore, the future focus direction should clarify wearable industry in our province, one is committed to research and development of new medical examination, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and motion perception, human body sensor technology and wearable and implantable medical chip core intelligent products.The second is to promote wearable mobile medical products and health management platform, in wearable products at the same time, the background for the consumer health management, to realize the integration of from products to management platform health management service mode, the traditional hospital business model.

  (2)Integrate and perfect the industry chain, innovation of industrial organization model.

       At present our province wearable equipment market industry chain has not really mature, large-scale production and use still need more time to accumulate.Wearable devices under the thinking of the Internet to a new form of expression, thinking is the core of innovation and the Internet.At this stage of the production mode, wearable device in our province mainly draw lessons from foreign advanced technology, combined with their own technological advantages to "innovation" of products, the lack of independent innovation and core competence.Therefore, on the one hand, our province should further strengthen and improve the industrial chain and guide and encourage industry chain vertical integration products manufacturing enterprises, upgrade control parts supply, to coordinate product sales channels and logistics, for wearable devices provide good precondition of innovation to create basic conditions., on the other hand, enterprises should be encouraged in wearable equipment design, production and sales aspects of innovating the mode of production, improve the own core competitive power of enterprises, focus on innovative applications, increasing product originality, to develop a more creative in our province to upgrade the wearable devices.

  (3)Cultivate a large backbone enterprise and small business enterprises.

  Into wearable industry at home and abroad enterprises are present a large bear the brunt of the backbone enterprises, small micro enterprises to exploit the situation.Large backbone enterprise is the development of the industry leaders, can have the effect of driving integrated industrial chain, so on the one hand, our province should vigorously to develop wearable industry leading backbone enterprises and industry leader, creating wearable equipment brand, enhances the core competitiveness of the industry, the formation of wearable devices have certain characteristics and the domestic influence industrial chain.On the other hand, in an age of "public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation", innovation determines the development situation of an industry.Small micro enterprises as the main force of the wearable industry development in our province, at the same time of stronger backbone enterprises, should pay attention to hatch foster small start-up companies, for its business platform, provide entrepreneurial guidance and to the development of wearable industry in our province to provide a steady stream of new forces.

  (4) actively explore and establish the standard wearable equipment industry in our province.

  Wearable industry boom in its development at the same time, the equipment of the information security problem is increasingly valued.In our province, huawei, zte, solid higher enterprises have introduced wearable devices, a good momentum of development.But now the industry is still at the initial stage of development, both technology and market, there are many obstacles, a large number of products on the market shoddy, has brought the homogeneity, low quality, low consumer recognition, a series of serious problems.So our province wearable relevant industry associations, industry association should actively play a leading role, demonstration in wearable industry standards of the state, on the basis of the commonness and individuality of wearable industry of anhui province, explore and establish the wearable equipment industry standards, in the province for the specification, stable development of wearable industry in our province to create a good environment.