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CCTV's peg to the children's intelligence watches Is it good?

Article source: netease technology report The author: Release date: on November 24, 2015 clicks:201

  With the outbreak of the watch market children's intelligence, some media and agencies also attention to this market from different angles, including CCTV.Not long ago CCTV radiation problem as the breakthrough point, trying to exposure of watches for children's intelligence, to promote the development of standardization of the whole smart apparel industry., so to speak, CCTV's starting point is good, but due to the lack of professional, intelligent wear this emerging industry understanding, so choose a no related reference point to cut into standard and regulation measures.That is to say, CCTV chose a itself is in the midst of regulatory gaps "radiation" as the breakthrough point, results from the industry's "demanding".

Face is CCTV "demanding" before, I wrote an article "where does that leave be smart watch CCTV exposure of children", to illustrate the current intelligent children watch more key problem is not in the lack of regulation of radiation, but that data information security issues.Yesterday, that is, on November 21, CCTV's attention again to watch children intelligence, and through the "excerpt" news broadcast.

  But the CCTV from the last experience, in order to avoid the thoughtless and cause some unnecessary "demanding" incident, on the one hand, on the subject with reference to the suggestion, before I choose watch children intelligence "security" of the core issues, namely data information security as the breakthrough point, on the other hand in the report is selecting the clouds on the technique of network are endorsed, there may be a potential risk to the full transfer.

  Before the clouds is the summary: this taobao 32-bit unauthorized hole, there are 13 watch interface can lead to excess by hackers real-time monitoring, millions of children get children daily walking track, real-time voice environment etc.Workers live demonstration, as long as the phone number of their parents, or enter the system platform, can crack the phone number associated with the child's watch, so as to obtain all walking routes, also can eavesdrop on conversations, extract a phone number, etc.

  Means that have been "" safe" banner of watches, children's intelligence under the exposure of this time to let more people see the security behind the insecurity.So why is CCTV on the children's intelligence watch it?It passed the following five aspects to our information:

1, smart apparel trend is unstoppable.

  Why on the children's intelligence watch CCTV, which sends an important message, though smart apparel industry has not formed in the market, But its development trend has been overwhelming.Whether from the point of the evolution of the Internet to iot stage, or from the data entry level, wearable device as the only smart apparel industry play a bridge to communicate with the outside world of the human body equipment, in the coming era of all things connected, no matter how smart apparel industry in the current is in dispute, but its arrival is inevitable trend.

2, big data security hidden danger as the key.

  CCTV the exposure is the key to grasp the current intelligent children watch to give priority to dozen of the safe hidden trouble behind the "security", which is positioning, and tracking of data security,Or the information security problems.Due to the era of Internet of things the infrastructure is not perfect, including cloud platform, communication technology, information transmission security technology security is still not perfect, especially for the wearable equipment industry, is now more in the industrial chain of hardware technology to build platform for system safety does not reach the designated position.Plus related technology and related technical personnel, and the lack of industry experience, causes the human body by means of digital behavior after wearable equipment data information security can not get effective guarantee, which not only is the issue of children's smart watches, is also the current common problems facing the whole wearable equipment industry.

3, call the national standard as soon as possible.

  Similarly, CCTV, the exposure is one of the key behind the intention of hope with the help of this special role to call for and promote its own media wearable device of this emerging industry standards as soon as possible.But as a result of wearable device belongs to a new cross-border industries, and industry in rapid development, technology in rapid update status,To launch of the standards increased a certain difficulty.The wearable device industry faces a dilemma, on the one hand, wearable device industry standards in the "difficult" state, on the other hand, lack of standard supervision under the state of industry development of good and evil people mixed up inevitably affect the healthy development of the industry.

4, "name" for radiation oolong door event.

  For children's intelligence watch, although CCTV at the end of the exposure to express this time children watch as long as it is in conformity with the relevant national communications intelligent monitoring standard, and its radiation is not a problem, it's more like a continuation of "radiation" incident, in order to fabio aurelio for the radiation by the problem of the security door event "name".In fact the CCTV last exposure is not wrong, just lack of expression on the precision,That is for children's intelligence watches, current into human communication product communication standard obviously does not fit, on the one hand is intelligent children watch wearing time is different from such as the mobile communication products;On the other hand is the physical characteristics of children, unlike adults, so the reference current adult mobile communications products standard is obviously unreasonable, the standard must higher than adults.

5, industry barriers to entry will gradually increase.

  For any industry, its development will inevitably from disorderly to orderly, never norms to regulate the process.Watch industry for children's intelligence, completed the construction of the from 0 to 1 in the industry, its necessary to enter the development process of from 1 to N, and then the relevant industry threshold and standard will have different degrees of improvement.Also, from the consumer level, after contact with and use the smart watch children will inevitably put forward more requirements and expectations, it will also promote the development of industries and products, and improve the industry barriers to entry.Popular understanding is the next watch children intelligence practitioners to "rough" means, in the early simply rely on buying habits,With the aid of the packing and safety concept for the development of the market phase is coming to an end.And the use of unique technology, the study of the user, as well as the related safety guarantee system, including performance, system, data, etc., will be the key point of the development of the smart watch next consideration.

文/Chen Gen (WeChat platform: public statement)

This article source: netease technology report