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Android watch this fall to the ground in China

The article source:CSDN Release date: May 5, 2015 clicks:8588

Customized Android system

Speaking of customized Android operating system, you may feel strange.But mention beautiful MIUI millet or hammer mobile phone system,You should be familiar with.In fact, they are all customized Android operating system.The difference is that they are for smartphones custom, and we will cover here are for the smart watch customized Android operating system.

It is well known that Android is open source, so for the majority of developers to love.Developers can arbitrarily modify the source code to create a their own operating system.Early in the Android system, There are a lot of shortcomings, so gave birth to a lot of customized Android, one of the more famous is CyanogenMod.It is also the domestic famous beautiful MIUI, the predecessor of the hammer system.Android customization degree is divided into depth, relatively simple text may just change icon, a little more complicated point will change the desktop (Launcher), the more complicated the whole Android will change from beginning to end that don't like Android.Many developers to customize systems around the world to join many users need but Google hasn't had enough time to do.But it also makes the Android fragmentation problem is very serious.

Google's Android Wear, for example, Moto, LG 360 G Watch and newly launched huawei smart watches.Unfortunately, due to the Android Wear Google services, binding by Android watch at home can't get a good user experience.At home, only the use customized Android, properly using Android smart watches.

However, for reasons of business model and the control of the fragmentation problem, Google Android Wear adopted a strategy of closed source, developers can't from Android Wear, customization.The only viable path from general Android, Android again Wear a series of custom research in watches, and combined with domestic services available in the system level, so as to make the system really is available.

Ticwear is such a customized Android operating system.Because of the Android Wear closed source and dependence on localization service, customize the difficulty of the Android operating system for smart watch improved a lot compared to the mobile phone.So, until this writing, Ticwear is the only a set of at home can be normal use, third-party developers can on the basis of the development and application of Android.

The Android platform developers

So, in like Ticwear systems, developers can do what kind of job?In addition to the Android Wear compatibility support, Ticwear also provides a variety of interesting and useful system service interface (see the specific way of interaction, opens the door for developers, the imaginary space to unconstrained style.In particular, is divided into the following several aspects.

  • Smart watches is derived by the application of new type.The dial is one of the most typical example.A beautiful face can instantly improve the level of outward appearance of the watch.The function of the dial is not only beautiful and timing,At the same time also can be integrated some simple and useful information, such as weather, electricity shows, news feeds, etc.Therefore, the development of dial depends on close coordination between designers and engineers.In Android Wear and Ticwear has all kinds of tools and dial publishing platform, self-control dial the dial this type of application.
  • Smart watches guide users to use more voice and gestures to interact.Voice and gesture interaction on the mobile platform are also some, but are not well used.More convenient text input on the cell phone have made speech less reuse, and is more suitable for mobile phone is a way of holding than watch gestures.Wristwatch text input, on the other hand, inconvenience also makes a new way of interaction become inevitable, which provides a broad stage for developers.To facilitate developers secondary development, in addition to the communication and sensor system interface, Ticwear is open the voice recognition, semantic analysis, mobile search interface.
  • The application of smart watch will greatly change the information interaction between the application and user.Watch is not just a simple accessory of mobile applications.Watch, by contrast, is more suitable for a glimpse of the visible (glanceable) the application of the information flow to push on the watch is a kind of expression.At the same time, because of its convenience, the number of users to view every day watch will also be significantly higher than that of light mobile phone number.For some high efficiency requirements of application types, such as news, watch products will bring a better user experience, so as to get more use.Again, for example, peculiar to the watch body gesture, will give control of application type bring extraordinary imagination.In the game, for example, the situation is like the was introduced, and the angry birds is hatched.
  • As a new generation of platform, even like a watch space cleaning, power and control tools such kind of application, and still is a piece of blue ocean.Bitter tools in the mobile platform application can be cut into the watch in time, first mover advantage.
  • As for the current stage of the product form, smart watches, including Android Wear and Ticwear watches, products appear in mobile phone accessories.In the near future, the watch will soon transition to an independent mobile devices. By that time, the watch will also have their own SIM CARDS, GPS, wi-fi, and NFC, then why are we in a pocket with a clumsy domestic mobile phone?Watch the space will be more widely used, and now is the developer layout is the best time in advance.

The Android system customization practice

The Android system basic can understand as the following structure:

  • The application layer contains our common applications, such as desktop, phone, Settings, etc.;
  • Framework layer is the Android system Framework, including the abstraction of the underlying hardware and the management of the upper application;
  • Go back to the next layer is the Linux kernel and hardware drivers.

the following, with our Ticwear practice as an example, introduces the operating system to solve the problem of custom Android watch.TicwearIs based on the open-source Android 5.0 source development, did the custom in each layer.In the Linux kernel and hardware driver layer adapted different watches, the Framework layer in order to support the special interaction and function of the upper application on the watch did support, and customize the most is the application layer.

Cropping system

Due to watch small screen, battery, no communications and GPS module, when we are in a custom watch system for Android Did a lot of cutting and optimization Framework, such as delete unrelated Telephony module on the watch at present.

Bluetooth protocol customization

At present, the main communication watches and cell phones are dependent on the bluetooth.In order to make the Android Wear developers can seamlessly switch to Ticwear system, we developed a set of and Google GMS compatible bluetooth communication protocols Mobvoi Mobile Service (MMS).MMS based on bluetooth RFCOMM protocol, send small data provides MessageAPI, transfer the DataAPI of big data, and the information transmission equipment of NodeAPI.The development of the main difficulties with this agreement is to fit different bluetooth devices, guarantee the security and reliability of data transmission, and meet the requirements of low power consumption.

Desktop customization

Watch the interaction of the interaction is different from the mobile phone, we build a set of new watch interaction experience Cubic UI (see figure 1).In order to achieve the Cubic The UI, we has carried on the depth to watch desktop customization.

t1 Cubic UI

First is the dial system, that is, users see light watch first interface.Dial design system, we consider the following requirements: first of all, can be customized, developers can easily design developed a dial;Followed by the performance, the dial drawing must be energy efficient;Finally, compatibility, developers can easily put for Android Wear custom dial transplant on Ticwear.

Watch for with all wear on your wrist, become an important way for checking my notice.We do to watch the notification center new custom, notice in the form of CARDS, multiple similar Card can be merged into a Bundle Card, avoid too much notice.Notification, meanwhile, has become a user application interaction and watch one important way, through the notification card user can control for the application, no need to enter the applicatio

The speech recognition service customization

Voice interaction is a focus on the watch, watch because of restrictions on the size of the screen, voice became the main way of user input on the watch.Ticwear on watch provides users with three voice input modes, are hot words awakened, offline speech recognition and speech recognition.Hot words when wake up in the light of the screen will start, the screen will shut down.Hot words awaken after start-up need real-time monitoring voice and a large amount of calculation.In order to minimize impact on standby time, we do a lot of optimization in hot words awakened, make its maintain at 5% CPU utilization.Online offline speech recognition and speech recognition are respectively in the cloud and mobile terminal, the watch just as the sound recording equipment send to the phone via bluetooth.The above three Ticwear voice services are integrated in the system, developers can through the simple API call can use the above services.

Semantic analysis service customization

Speech recognition is the result of the structured natural language text, should be based on the semantic analysis can be the next step command control, mobile search, or used by other applications.Such as when the user asks "the flight from Beijing to Shanghai next Wednesday, Ticwear in the cloud is the semantic analysis engine will identify customer want to" find flight ", and "three" next week by the "Beijing flights to" Shanghai ";"Then, Ticwear will view the user on the watch is already installed application, whether any application that supports the vertical flight "find".If you have, Ticwear will the user of the query, packaged into Android Intent in the form of transfer to the application, by the application of the next further processing the user's needs.Therefore, we call it Semantic Intent.In addition to Intent, Ticwear also provides direct semantic analysis call interface, convenient for developers to make full use of the language services in the application.

Mobile search service customization

Ticwear search is similar to Google Now voice search service (see figure 2).And Google Now, in more than 50 Ticwear vertical life information service providers and domestic cooperation, provide the ground for domestic users of life information, such as restaurants, airfare, hotel, navigation information.The user asked to watch the weather, the system will give information to a designated location in recent days the weather CARDS;Ask users to watch flights, the system will display the eligible flight information card.System default search results, but also through the Semantic way of Intent to Ticwear system.Developers can be secondary development, on the basis of comprehensive, in their own applications to users better display or social experience.

2 Ticwear

Market analysis and prospect

Android smart watch market prospects

The first outbreak in 2015 was smart watches.Smart watches as the best product form of wearable devices, after 2014 years of brewing, starting in 2015 into a full-blown stage."Smart" watches this topic began to appear in the eyes of ordinary consumers.In earlier, Pebble Time all the raise within a few days to raise $20 million, to create a new history on Kickstarter.

short or medium term, smart watches still needs to be attached to its matching of smart phones, so in the foreseeable future years, Android smart watches with apple sales watches the proportion of sales should be roughly in Android mobile phones and apple's sales.Google launched in the second half of 2014 Android Wear system despite the preemption market opportunities, but its experience imperfect system and products, more is at the beginning of the science and technology enthusiasts users caused a sensation, a preheating of the market.While apple has always been for the product according to its excelsior, the use of its strong brand reputation powers.But now is too early to talk about winning or losing, in the second half of 2015 the Android watch will usher in a new wave of products listed, drama has just begun.

The past few months, the consumer electronics giants have increased the investment in the field of smart watches.With delicate circular screen design is concise in 360, many popular Moto announced its second generation product will be listed in the second half of 2015.LG, international companies such as huawei, also released in the near future with Android Wear watch program.Other start-ups have also cut into the market in all forms, smart watch market within one to two years in the future will be more lively.

The domestic market analysis

The emergence of Ticwear fill the blank of Android watch system in mainland China market.Because the Android Wear temporarily unable to fall to the ground in China, makes the Chinese market the Android camp is in a state of relative vacuum watch system.In addition to Google services framework and search is not available, Android now Wear system does not support Chinese, and the localization service very insufficient.In addition, the current total number of Android applications of Wear is not much, most is suitable for foreign users of ecosystem, in addition to some dial and tools application, a lot of software need to use Facebook, Gmail account abroad.Android watch hardware at home and have no formal sales channels, most of the flow channels through gray, no after-sale protection.All of these have led to the mainland users cannot enjoy the smart watch real convenience and value.

Based on such background, go ask Ticwear system is developed, to fill the gap.Look from the internal factors, first go out ask have corresponding voice of semantic analysis and localization services technical reserves, this is precisely what do smart watches the most core resources;Second, go ask the past on the wear devices such as mobile phone App, Google Glass test iteration also accumulated considerable experience in product.

from the external market, smart watches as strong personalized fashion properties of classes, in the aspect of hardware and software requirements must be diversified, apple and android alone Wear two inevitably can meet the demand of the market.The emergence of Pebble is a perfect example of this.While Google The strength of the Android Wear closed source, do not allow the OEM customization to the system, further intensified the market for Android, but independent of the Android based Wear watch system requirements.

The mission of Ticwear

Ticwear long-term mission is to make artificial intelligence really fall to the ground, make smart watches really good fun.As the pioneer of dare to eat crab, Ticwear localization, make a worthy of trust and play operating system developers,Ticwear recently opened in succession the SDK and rich API platform: phonetics, semantics, search API, as well as the planned gesture recognition API and so on.The possibility of these powerful rich,Are the developers in the Android don't have access to Wear.Ticwear independent third party independent control of the operating system completely,Also watch for many OEM landing in mainland China provides an excellent alternative.

In the just-concluded Ticwear hackers marathon, 85% of the development team in less than 24 hours, was successfully made the application of a brand new interactive experience.40% of the group USES voice Ticwear semantic open interface.The application of shortlisted for the top eight,There are three new tools, and other music, tourism, education, health, electricity each a, let a person rich imagination.For such a new field, Ticwear together and developers, the platform to develop this new watch on the application of the ecosystem.

In this paper, the author: Shen Libin, go out ask technical director.Graduated from Shanghai jiaotong university and the university of Pennsylvania, a former researcher at IBM's Watson, director's system software engineer.Focus on large-scale intelligent systems research and development.