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"Smart" watches to buy or not to buy is a question Indifference to restrict the future

Article source: Beijing times The author:peng Release date: March 18, 2015 Views: 28080

Say now of the most popular consumer electronics, not mobile phone or tablet computers, but because of who I am apple AppleWatch fire up smart watches.Earlier this month, huawei Watch first, then the AppleWatch, a high interest in the two product suddenly lit up a smart Watch this originally tepid market.High attention, the problem also comes naturally: is worth buying?Should buy which paragraph?Watches, after all, for most people, intelligence is a mysterious thing.

-Why buy

Apple has finally come, huawei will come, samsung, MOTO, SONY has come, smart watch market eyes watching is hilarious.The primary issue before the consumer is: "why do we want to buy a smart watch?"

>>One reason for

See the time schedule

Smart watch again well, or a watch, so the time to see the most original also the most essential features cannot be ignored.Compared with ordinary watch, smart watch has some advantages in the time display, because you can choose a different presentation: pointer, digital, 24 hours a day, 12 hours...Some smart watches purporting to provide dozens of different dial, from time to time to change a fresh also is pretty good.See time at the same time, use smart watches can also look at the calendar, schedule, etc.Of course, if you think that every now and then take out a cellular phone to see time is enough, and that...Then read on.

>>Reason two

ACTS as a mobile phone

No matter which smart watches, almost all exist in the form of mobile phone accessories, the function of the smart watch more is in the act as an extension of the mobile phone function.Such as not take out a cellular phone can receive calls, send and receive text messages, see WeChat, receive email, further, can also use a mobile phone APP, take a photo, guided navigation, is essentially ACTS as a shortcut to the phone.Of course, if you are a heavy cell phone users, mobile hand for a long time, that......Is then read on.

>>Reason three

Personal health management

And health and sports related functions, is the smart watch manufacturers to persuade consumers to purchase one of the important reasons.Shows the heart rate changes, identify motions, record data movement, sleep, the function of mainstream watches all have several intelligence, to simple said can do a pedometer, said to big is personal health management.Of course, these functions is lighter, cheaper bracelets can be achieved, even some high-end smartphones.If you already have, it...Then read on.

>>Reason four

In order to be cool

Be cool seems not a good reason, but I believe that many people are at the reason to buy smart watches.Think about it, in front, suddenly out of the wrist, the phone;Or in the gym looked at the watch said "has burned 500 calories";Don't do anything, even rolled up my sleeves and above 120000 yuan worth of 18 k gold case inadvertently dangling, is a very smart?But if the reason can't attract you and the...Can only show that you really don't need a smart watch.And so on, there are some different smart watch martial arts, unique may impress you.

>>Reason five

With unique trick

Although a few on the market the latest smart watches includes the above mentioned several basic functions, but also some people no I use some special methods that could be eventually affect consumer purchase decision.

AppleWatch trick: ApplePay.Using NFC (near distance wireless communication technology), AppleWatch incorporates the home of apple ApplePay payment function, at the time of shopping, while others are still in busy pay package, AppleWatch user has gracefully with watch POS machine, a touch is completed payment, isn't it cool?

Samsung GearS: uv index in real time.Just hand feeling, in the sun GearS can real-time display the uv index, let you take appropriate sun protection measures, it is women's necessary.

MOTO360: voice assistant.Smart watches dial so a bigger place, fingers thick point sometimes bad operation, this time with voice is much more convenient.On the dial said 1: "check about the flights to fly to Shanghai", after the query result is displayed on the dial, technology rocks is dye-in-the-wood?

- how to choose

"Smart watch can have" decision, the next question is: "should buy which one?"In fact, from the function the same, so the choice on the basis of more or want to back to the level of appearance, system, the brand of these factors.


Rounded square to his taste

In the traditional watches, round is a constant theme, but the smart watch here, it is not so.From already appeared a few product, round and square appearance into camp, huawei, MOTO, LG belong to "party", and the apple, samsung, SONY is the main "the party".

It is said that there was a consensus in the hardware industry, is the smart watch can't make it round, one of the reasons is because the mainboard, chips and other electronic components are generally designed to square, circular fuselage will encounter many problems in the production.In addition, the circular screen square on the display area is convenient.

Like round appearance, however, consumers are not in the minority, and square dial is always let a person the feeling of electronic Watch, so huawei Watch, 360, LGGWatchR M0T0 smart resolutely chose to Watch or circular design.For people like traditional watch appearance, round is a good choice.

Apple, samsung, SONY is invariably chose square dial is designed, the design style is more conducive to the realization of the function of operation and some, although it does not look like watches, traditional but stronger sense of science and technology, more "tide", naturally there is a group of fans.

>>The screen

Display effect is pretty good

Apple MOTO360, Watch, Watch, LGGWatchR huawei, samsung, GearS, and its screen size is 1.4-2 inches, basic resolution is slightly different but the difference is not big, the whole display effect is excellent.

These watches on the screen material is different.MOTO360 with corning glass, huawei Watch with sapphire glass, samsung GearS used SuperAMOLED curved screen, and only think the smart watches, apple has given two choices, tempered glass and sapphire glass versions.

>>The price

In addition to the apple price difference is not big

Choose which smartphone to buy watches, one to see whether the be fond of, also want to see the pouch.From the point of price, big brands of smart watches are not cheap.

In the mainstream brands of smart watches, SONY SW2 is the lowest price, domestic reference price is 798 yuan.Other than AppleWatch a few smart watches, not much difference in price, MOTO360 at present in domestic gray market price in 2600 yuan, samsung GearS is 2479 yuan, LGG WatchR abroad for about 1800 yuan RMB, the formal price of huawei Watch hasn't released, foreign some electrical business channels give the list price is 350 euros, or about 2300 yuan, according to huawei's products are generally more expensive than domestic selling overseas practice, its domestic price is estimated at 2000 yuan or less.

AppleWatch most special, the lowest price of 2588 yuan and competing goods difference is not big, but don't forget the somebody else is the most expensive can sell 126800 yuan, the other a few blocks the opponent.


Large range of android adaptation

From the operating system, the smart watch is divided into iOS, Android, Tizen three camps.Apple natural needless to say, their iOS is one of the biggest selling point, if you are a fan, the mobile phone is iPhone, computers use a MacBook, that what also don't say, chooses a price acceptable AppleWatch directly;If your mobile phone use Android, the choice range is big, huawei, MOTO, LG, SONY, or other smart watches on the market, most of them are your food.

The samsung is an alternative, in the latest smart watches, with their own operating system called Tizen.This kind of system on the control of energy consumption is said to be superior to Android, also let the samsung smart watch battery life had obvious improvement.

- outlook

Although looks very is lively, but smart watches is not the necessities of life.As apple, huawei to enter, the intelligence of the wrist revolution could really set off to?At least now, or the road all the way.

The smart watch market heating up

Before AppleWatch, smart didn't fire the watch market.Statista data analysis company, according to data from the global 89 companies in 2014 sold 6.8 million only smart watches.This year the global shipments of smartphones is 1.2 billion units;In these companies, samsung smart watch sales in 1.2 million, has become a global the first sales volume of smart watches manufacturer, global market share of over 17%.

"For other smart watches manufacturer, apple into is a good thing."Mobile industry analyst said, apple's huge influence will attract consumers' attention, so as to enhance the overall heat of the smart watch market, at the same time, the enthusiasm of the whole industry chain will be aroused, from upstream of the spare parts manufacturer, to the downstream application developers, and other smart watch makers will also benefit from it, "predictably, with apple, there will be more manufacturers into the market."

To watch the market impact is limited

If other smart watch manufacturers or the consumer electronics market, aimed at the apple's ambition not only hereat, from AppleWatch several thousand to tens of pricing range also can be seen that apple wants to use AppleWatch conquer traditional watches before enterprises occupy the market for luxury goods.

"But I don't think AppleWatch will be big impact to traditional watch market."Director of the high-quality goods shopping guide wrist Deng Tang Vivian thinks, apple watches as a has normal wear characteristic of electronic products, whether should first consider themselves as the electronic product is able to stand out from the crowd beat all, consider it is not good at the field again.Otherwise the market positioning and sales strategy problems, only by capital operation and media marketing is difficult to success

Indifference to restrict the future

Smart watch will be a potential huge market, but the premise is the technology bottleneck restricting the development of its can get very good solve, otherwise the heat brought AppleWatch also will inevitably become a production of body fluid.

Life is the first technical bottlenecks, for the future of smart watches can be fatal.Apple is honest to announce AppleWatch battery life is 18 hours, which caused all sorts of fun, not too much from other manufacturers.

Another bottleneck is the limitation of function and usage scenarios.Is the function of smart watches instead of partial function for smart phones, watches can do, can almost all mobile phones, and it is more convenient to use.A simple example, carry on the wrist watch phone is agents fit, but you really think that will be more convenient than put mobile phone on the ear?

Before application scenarios without sufficient stickiness, intelligence is likely to make the mistake of intelligent bracelet watches - fresh from the start, the novelty has to wear a, to simply forget to throw in which corner.

Beijing times reporter GuXiaoYu jinghua times drawings What will be

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