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Product guide

Product Guide

Operational guidelines for rainbow bridge children watch video guide and FAQ:

1 what operators, watches support?

A: we watch currently supported mobile 2 g, 3 g, 4 g, unicom 2 g, 3 g, 4 g, does not support the telecom.

2, IOS users download in Appstore

Answer: 1, android users will be able to in the application of treasure, peas to download

2, IOS users download in Appstore

3, android or IOS can scan packing box or watch the qr code on the download

4, if you have any other family members installed APP, android or IOS can scan other family members in the phone APP watch qr code to download

3, why didn't watch insert SIM card pop-up qr code?

Answer: 1, the watch does not support hot plug, please boot again in shutdown state card;

2, card can only support mobile and China unicom, watch, watch the card need to open 2 g data traffic

3, is in the watch, no data flow or no cost

4, if the location of the signal is bad

4, watch for the first time boot unable to connect to the server. The background shows offline or after landing has been display position is not successful?

Answer: 1, the SIM card is properly installed.

2, SIM card slot are in good condition.

3, determine the SIM card can even get to the Internet, if not please go to the outdoor positioning empty place position for the first time.

5, watch can call to mobile phone, mobile phone can't dial watch number?

Answer: 1, the only family member or save the contacts in the phone book to dial watch.

2, stealth during class time and watch the telephone inbound is prohibited.

3, watch the SIM card to guarantee the opening caller id.

4, determine the calling card is binding watch card, for example, if the phone is using double card, card 1 after binding the watch, the card 2 also dial the impassability.On the other hand.

5, if the binding watches using the trombone, then is unable to dial a cornet.On the other hand.

6, watches how to set up a time?

A: watch time don't need to manually, after watch connected to the network, using the network time automatically.

7, watches send voice messages generated charges deducted from?

A: watch consumes only traffic, voice messages sent does not produce any other charges.

Unable to receive SMS 8, watches?

A: watch does not support receiving text messages, for SMS communication, can directly use the rainbow bridge app sends a message.

9, other family members how to bind a watch?

Answer: 1, the family members in the address book binding interface invited;

2, scanning APP watch qr code in the binding.

Article 10, watch side can save how much information?

A: save the article 15.Voice 5, 10, keep records of the latest news.

11, watches the SIM card need to flow?Need more traffic?

Answer: the demand of traffic.Under normal circumstances is 100 m/month will be enough.

12, watch the information can be deleted?

A: can't removed manually, the old information will be covered by the new information.

13, rainbow bridge system version of the Android and IOS support are respectively?

A: android version 4.2 and above system support, the IOS support IOS8.0 and older version.

14, why sometimes rainbow bridge installation error prompt analytic package when Android version apk package?

Answer: 1. To view your Android phone system version is 4.2, below the rainbow bridge APP only support Android version 4.2 and above.

2. May download data is lost in the process, please delete download again.

3. To the formal application store or officially designated download site to download.

15, received a new message when the watch will have a prompt?

A: no.To prevent the baby to be disturbed, if the watch is not stay in the information interface, received a new message when the watch will automatically jump to the message interface.

16, inviting family members is not successful?

A: make sure the invited family members have to download and register the APP on your mobile phone, to be successful are invited.

17, users get watches, inside still have data how to remove?

A: removal of history data, such as the need to provide a watch phone number to us, we clear admin account directly.

18, watch card can directly synchronization time whether hold?

A: if there are no synchronization time, advised consumers to check whether normal signal, or remove the card to refit.

19, why GSM positioning error may have hundreds of meters to thousands of meters?

Answer: because of using GSM is base station positioning because of reception problems, will be affected by certain effect, are some of the transmitter are linked, according to the signal reception well, where is the system can locate, so GSM error is relatively large is belong to normal phenomenon.

20, why can't watch directly to turn it off?

A: watch is not directly manually shut down, can only be through the background APP remote shutdown to control, better to avoid the children malicious to turn it off.

21,S0S number after the success of the set, if phone no one answer, whether can realize circular dial until the user location?

A: after the success of the SOS number set, long press the SOS key, order will start with the number of family members call, call the front five phone Numbers, just dial the round.If the call is in the middle, will not continue to call, no answer has been to call until the end of the first five Numbers.

22, watch no GSM signal?

A: watch only support the GSM card, it is suggested that using mobile and China unicom card, do not use telecommunications (support), card no problem there is no signal may be antenna assembly is good, must be inspected for hardware, can be returned to the agent.